Thursday, March 31, 2005


adj. Like a pro ho would do it.

Real citation: "I got up this morning at the very unsex workerly hour of 7.30. Well, my alarm went off at 7.30, but I laid in bed until 8.30, fading in and out of consciousness. Then my day of sex began - not the naked kind of sex, the talking about sex. I trudged grumbling and battling the elements with my umbrella down Wall Street to the WBAI studio. In the six years I've lived in New York, I've been in the financial district maybe a handful of times - usually for a protest of some sort. It's a weird area of the city that I prefer to leave to the suits."
(Audacia Ray, "Sex in the Morning," March 30. 2005,

Made-up citation: "I pledge ass-chapper to the fucknutter of the Unsex-workerly Schmoopsie-poos of Ape-Poopy, and to the Rat gods for which it stands, one newsdude under geekstress, indivisible, with loinliness and jackassitude for absodiddly."

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