Wednesday, March 30, 2005


noun. The essence of being a grievous, heinous discomforting piece of business in the wazoo.

Related words: bad-assitude, smart-assitude, big-assitude, lard-assitude, kick-assitude, grab-assitude, fat-assitude, suck-assitude, wise-assitude, dumb-assitude, numb-assitude, pompous-assitude, stick-up-assitude, tight-assitude, half-assitude, punk-assitude, super-bad-assitude, slack-assitude, Fortress of Assitude.

Real citation: "Whenever I cook up something that involves a lot of chopping and pain-in-the-assitude, I like to double or triple the recipe and make a lot, to ensure there's leftovers."
(akibare, "Leftovers,"

Made-up citation: "What I lack in bootyliciousness, I make up for in pain-in-the-assitude. Sad, but true."

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