Monday, March 07, 2005


adj. Ready, willing, and able to be slapped, smeared, or strapped to a pookie-wookie-schnookie of a dog-like critter.

Related words: clone-worthy, bone-worthy, groan-worthy, yawn-worthy, barf-worthy, spew-worthy, spooge-worthy, schlong-worthy, gong-worthy, thong-worthy, hump-worthy, bonk-worthy, boink-worthy, lust-worthy, drool-worthy, stalker-worthy, meh-worthy, gah-worthy, ew-worthy, sponge-bath-worthy, spanking-worthy, tongue-bath-worthy, spatula-worthy.

Real citation: "By the way, I can't believe anyone would compare Jojo or FeeFee to Dido. Jojo and FeeFee are just stupid, cutesy, poodle-worthy names; Dido was the name of a legendary queen of Carthage who committed suicide."
(person, "Re:Jojo," July 10, 2004,;action=display;threadid=1646)

Made-up citation: "Remember kids: 'poodle-worthy,' 'coyote-worthy,' and 'hellhound-worthy' are not synonyms. Good luck on those SATs!"

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