Tuesday, March 29, 2005


adj. Having nothing whatsoever to do with hot, buttered monkey sex (or even lukewarm, moldy gorilla sex, as the case may be).

Real citation: "Of course, naturally, I would love to regale you with tales of sauciness in the backseat, but sadly, none exist. My car however, has seen plenty, as I often drove other couples around as they made out in the backseat of my car. (High school was an odd time for me). But, I am sure I can dig up a few non-nookie related car moments."
(Julie, Jan. 23, 2005, http://www.graelent.com/journal/2004/01/friday-5_23.html)

Made-up citation: "As the Bible says, 'You must distinguish between the holy and the common, between the unclean and the non-nookie-related.'"

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