Thursday, March 31, 2005


noun. An alternate term for "administrative assistant" or "minion of doom."

Real citation: "The Chameleon 3: Dark Angel. Now for some reason, KAM's background it changed yet AGAIN. She's a tough as nails bitch that doesn't listen to reason, wears all black, and goes around shooting people. Gets a lot more violent than the other two, and society it really gritty now. The story is so weak that you'll give up on it in 20 minutes. All New cast AGAIN, except Bobbie. Turns out that the secret agency created a black hole that could suck the universe up in a spilt second, and captured it in a little metal baseball and some evil doer wants to steal. VERY BAD IDEA for a movie, I know. But it gets worse... turns out that the Evil Doer's number 1 henchgoon is none other than KAM's long lost genetically engineered brother. Bad, very bad. "
(Christopher N. Denner, Jan. 1, 2002,

Made-up citation: "My henchgoons can beat up your assassin-bots, and if not, I got a couple mutant hellhounds that should do the trick."

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Anonymous said...

i, for one, welcome our future leader and their henchgoons.