Saturday, March 19, 2005

post-traumatic dating syndrome

noun. A serious disorder, sometimes brought on by ex-sweetie-bags who are secretly evil, stabby, CIA-infiltrating clones.

Real citation:
"Sydney: Let's talk about you. A beautiful painter lives in your building and you haven't asked her out yet. Why?
Will: Because (Will's cover is) recovering from post-traumatic dating syndrome after his last girlfriend dumped him by ramming a bayonet into his lungs."
("Remnants," Dec. 7, 2003, Alias)

Made-up citation: "With their hump-happy, omnisexual ways, the bonobo suffers from less post-traumatic dating syndrome than any other primate."


Patrick said...

So you do exist. Silliman compared an unpublished MS of mine to yours and in my abject self-obsession, I'd like to acquire this mirror, er, book of yours, called Men. I have just google-stalked you ('google-stalk' a candidate for your site?) and it led me past some amazing and hilarious poems of yours. To here. Where might I find your book? I'm willing to trade as well.

Thank you.


Patrick said...

My recent favorite shitty terms are blog-related: "blogtastic" (coined at my place of employment but no one remembers which one of us came up with it) and "bloginar" (I came up with it, but then researched it and found its actual coinage preceded my own). "blogtastic" is straghtforward, but "bloginar" is essentially a blog-based webinar (another horrific term). A blog seminar. Terms for people who wear penny loafers and the people who hate them.