Tuesday, March 22, 2005


adj. Totally, terrifically swanky.

Related terms: pimp-o-riffic, pork-o-riffic, rage-o-riffic, glam-o-riffic, whine-o-riffic, smell-o-riffic, gnarf-o-riffic, clown-o-riffic, babe-o-riffic, mall-o-riffic, mayor-o-riffic, gore-o-riffic, angst-o-riffic, mud-o-riffic, egg-o-riffic, hunk-o-riffic, stink-o-riffic, F-word-o-riffic, spiff-o-riffic, Cold War-o-riffic, chunk-o-riffic, turd-o-riffic, crap-o-riffic, Satan-o-riffic, drool-o-riffic, barf-o-riffic, engorge-o-riffic, jizz-o-riffic, cluck-o-riffic, grunt-o-riffic, mom-o-riffic, fluff-o-riffic, spank-o-riffic, cleave-o-riffic, suck-o-riffic, strobe-o-riffic, cheese-o-riffic, flake-o-riffic, retard-o-riffic, men-o-riffic, crud-o-riffic, vibe-o-riffic, shit-o-riffic, beer-o-riffic.

Real citation: "We made some updates to make SWO more legible and swank-o-riffic. In addition, Morien Thomas whipped up a neato new logo. What do you think?"
(Unkle-Ernsie, Jan. 21, 2003, http://siegeworks.org/comment.php?7)

Made-up citation: "Given my preference for untucked shirts, cheap sneakers, and Mr. Rogers sweaters, strangers rarely tell me I am swank-o-riffic. And I can't remember the last time someone said, 'nice ass.'"

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