Saturday, March 12, 2005


present participle. Hello to the imagery! This word describes a man so non-girly and macho that evil hormones are fleeing for their lives--straight from his tits.

Related terms: testosterone-marinated, testosterone-pumped, testosterone-based, testosterone-fueled, testosterone-driven, testosterone-crazed, testosterone-soaked, testosterone-choked, testosterone-laden, testosterone-suffused, testosterone-centric, testosterone-powered, testosterone-friendly, testosterone-jacked, testosterone-gorged, testosterone-enraged, testosterone-poisoned, testosterone-injected, testosterone-oozing, testosterone-spilling, testosterone-spewing, testosterone-spraying, testosterone-spitting, testosterone-radiating, testosterone-sucking, testosterone-mongering.

Real citation: "THURSDAY, JAN. 6: Imagine the asshole in the shiny new Humvee GlobeStomper 5000X behind you firing warning shots from his hood-mounted machine gun because you're going a mere 70 on the freeway. Yeah, infuriating. Now imagine that same asshole in his Humvee firing warning shots while also rubbing his testosterone-lactating man-teats with $100 bills. Super infuriating! That'll happen under a plan unveiled by Gov. Guinn Wednesday, a proposed $300 million tax kickback that would take the form of DMV registration fee rebates. Because of better-than-expected tax revenue after the rancorous 2003 Legislature, Guinn floated the idea as a way of saying "Thank you, Nevadans"--no, no, no, not you with the '87 Toyota Tercel. The guy behind you with the new Jaguar S-Type. Yeah. Thank you."
(Andrew Kiraly, "The Week in Review," Jan. 13, 2005, Las Vegas Mercury,

Made-up citation: "I used to be a kitten-strangling, testosterone-lactating manbeast of a dude, but the kitten blood and male-hormone residue just ruined too many shirts."

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