Wednesday, March 09, 2005


noun. A crackwhorish state of affairs or state of being, not necessarily involving a head of state.

Related terms: non-crack-whorish, pre-crack-whorish, crack-whore-free.

Real citation: "Guess what! Guess what! Some random things have happened since I last updated. Well maybe not random, but you know. I finished all my major exams on Monday. That night, I was running around trying to get stuff done. Glyeb came over a for a while, and we ate the dinner that I made. Then I gave Samra her pink elephant water can "for one very special flower!" After that I headed over to Shilpy's place for our night of (NATURAL) crackwhorish-ness. We got directions to (ooh ahh) a gay male strip club. It was the most bizarre thing that I've ever experienced. We walk in and of course we are so out of place there. We take a seat at a table in the back and try not to stick out as we um, peruse the merchandise. The guys were so disappointing. On the main stage, there were two guys who were completely naked and sorta struttin around. The weren't even actually stripping! Also, they were barely dancing and they only had OK bodies. The funny part was that they were walking around buck naked except for their socks."
(Dec. 19, 2001,

Made-up citation: "When I talk about Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I'm told I get a gleam in my eye that is not without a certain crackwhorishness."

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