Wednesday, March 23, 2005


noun. A state characterized by seven shades of total, brutal, ass-sucking crap.

Real citation: "Uh, what are you talking about? Keef used Les Pauls and Epi Casinos for the vast majority of the Stones' albums and concerts up through Exile on Main Street. That guitar on auction was probably used more than any other during that period. This commonly-held notion that Keef has played Teles his entire career is retarded. Until after Exile (when his collection of guitars was stolen) did Keef start using Teles with any regularity at all. In fact, nothing against Teles, Keef's turn to Teles coincides with the Stones' turn into suck-assdom."
(tonysoprano, Nov. 26, 2004, Plexi Palace,

Made-up citation: "Speaking of the Stones, they've been swirling down the toilet of suck-assdom since 1972. That's my entire life!"

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