Wednesday, October 27, 2010

war crimesy

adj. Yes, Virginia, you can commit atrocities and be folksy too.

Real citation: "Oh, big deal, Rumsfeld lied and was an eensy bit war crimesy. At least he didn't make Americans feel bad by apologizin'!"
(Oct. 26, 2010, Tweetin4Palin, Twitter,

Made-up citation: "When your kindergartner wins 'Most War crimesy,' it might be time to consider selling him to hobos."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


noun. No f-bombs here. Move along, please.

Real citation: "Anyway, assuming you did intend to post it here: a. Deb and Lundy are (were) both detectives working on homicides. Their world is not one of social niceties and refinement. Regardless of the fact that Lundy didn't swear much himself, I'd be very surprised if he cared about such matters. He saw far, far much worse in life than someone dropping the f-bomb, or any of Deb's equally colourful other-letter-bombs."
(Nov. 2, 2009, "If I Had a Hammer" 2009.11.01," Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: "I am the master of other-letter-bombs. I just threw the q-bomb yesterday, and it was a rhetorical triumph."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


adj. Gobsmacked; flummoxed; dingsquizzled; confuzzled; mindfucked.

Real citation: "I've seen two episodes past this one, so I now know what's up with the mysterious figure clambering into Hank's attic while he plays the guitar in the final scene. But at the time I watched that scene, I was completely dumb-squizzled."
(Sept. 22, 2010, Alan Sepinwall, HitFix,

Made-up citation: "I have never felt more dumb-squizzled than I do right now. I need to see a squizzling specialist."

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Breaking Bad-y

adj. A great quality in a TV show; a shit-ass quality in a life.

Real citation: "And here’s where 'Fustercluck' turns Breaking Bad-y. Hank and Britt come roaring onto the airfield, dangling the key that they swiped from Lindus’ safe, and demanding that the would-be-bail-jumper come with them to open the safety deposit box that matches said key. There they find a document related to The Montague—a document that puts Lindus’ life in danger. Lindus promptly distracts the P.I.s for a second and takes off running. Very comical. Then he gets hit by a car. Very shocking. Then he stumbles into Hank’s house, saying, 'I’m going to take a nittle lap.' Pretty funny. And then he just dies. He up and dies."
(Sept. 29, 2010, Noel Murray, The A.V. Club,,45682/)

Made-up citation: "I agree that Terriers is a bit Breaking Bad-y, and I think Breaking Bad is a little Shield-y. Also, I am a tad get-a-life-y."