Thursday, March 24, 2005


adj. This describes a situation or person who--in addition to fist-related-activity--is likely to yell "woohoo" and frighten small animals.

Real citation: "Appreciating Leaves Leader's highlights, then, requires a certain amount of finesse, or at least the ability to detune your critical focus. That means being satisfied with "Rail Road"'s glittery, kaleidoscopic melody and singer Christine Garcia's detached, feather-light vocals, even if they're the payoff rather than the wind-up. It means getting excited when "Casanova" segues from its sprawling melody into a throbbing, syncopated strum that sounds as if it were lifted from a stillborn sixties Britpop tune, even when there's no big blowout at the end to clean the pipes. It means that you still shiver the twenty-seventh time you hear "Wish Song" make the transition from shiny shoegazer pastiche to blustery, transformative haze of overdriven notes and crash cymbals, and that you get all fist-pumpy when "Third Song" finally reaches its third-act shift from exploratory sonic maelstrom to purposeful, Velvet Underground-inspired jamming."
(George Zahora, Dec. 14, 2004, Splendid Magazine,

Made-up citation: "Waiter! I order the Fist-pumpy Filet, not the Phlegm-coughy Fricassee!"

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