Tuesday, March 29, 2005

for Christ's sweet biscuits

exclamation. By the sacred testicles (or yummy rolls) of our Lord Jesus H. Christ.

Related terms: for God's sack.

Real citation: "Irina just looks at him and says, "Why haven't you tried to convince Sydney to leave the CIA?" Jack just looks disgustedly at the ground as if to say, "Oh, for Christ's sweet biscuits! Here we go. It's The 'Let's Discuss How Terrible Of A Father I Am' Show! Only, this is a REPEAT, sister! Now, answer the fucking question before I come in there and throw you to the ground and suck on your earlobes and mmmm...""
(Erin, "A Dark Turn," page 3, Television Without Pity, http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/story.cgi?show=75&story=4783&page=3&sort=&limit=)

Made-up citation: "For Christ's sweet biscuits, what possessed my mother to name me 'Latrina'? If I were a boy, would my name be 'Toileto'?"

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