Wednesday, March 30, 2005


adj. Aided by the sweet, soft touch of a falafel. Er, loofah.

Real citation: "I'm still in this frozen mode, for example, during my long and luxurious and loofah-enhanced shower I was thinking of 100 or more things that would be interesting and fun and revealing and cathartic and good lord maybe even funny that I could share here in this blog space and now that I'm sitting here writing I know all that stuff is still in my brainpan somewhere but it's stuffed tight into a nook or cranny that I can't seem to dip into at the moment and so I'm sitting here writing anyway and feeling frustrated that I can't get into that locked-up world of words."
(Laurie, Aug 27, 2003,

Made-up citation: "A young lady from Indiana once told me my ponytail reminded her of a loofah, but sadly, I never joined her in any pseudo-loofah-enhanced bathing activities."

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