Friday, March 11, 2005


noun. A not-too-fear-inspiring minion of not-quite-doom.

Related terms: henchmoron, henchslut, henchgoon, henchvamp, henchdog, henchrat.

Real citation: "Emma Peel goes bad?: Enter our Villans... One of whom is a catsuit-wearing young lady, the other our Henchdork. (We first see him unable to work out the mechanics of a ski mask.) Look, TEST the intelligence of your flunkies before hiring them, Megavillains! It'll save a lot of lost productivity as you rot in the slammer due to their boneheaded mistakes... They do a "Mission Impossible", rappelling into the gallery where the ruby is being displayed. This gives us the first real look at the aforesaid gallery... and BOY, that place is more cluttered than my bedroom! Full-sized Dinosaur models, Egyptian artifacts AND the rubys display case. It looks like they've hidden the gem in a surprisingly well-appointed warehouse. Catsuit Girl drops in first, using a mounted pteryldactyl as cover from a security guard. Oh, THAT's why it's there. She's followed by... "
("Mr. Magoo,"

Made-up citation: "With my advanced degree and bottomless, chewy moral center, I am quite qualified to be a henchdork."

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