Wednesday, March 02, 2005


adj. Crappy--but perhaps poetically, mellifluously crappy.

Real citation: "Everyone send love/sandwiches/ponies/monetary donations to my Tiff-Tiff who feels very crapitudinous."
(May 3, 2001,

Made-up citation: "Only yoga class, the Alias season two DVDs, and beer sweet beer have prevented this from being a completely crapitudinous week."

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Magazine Man said...

The high point of an otherwise crapitudinous week: I used "horndoggery" today in a staff meeting. Not just ANY staff meeting, but a staff meeting where my boss's boss's boss's boss was in attendance. Not only was there no ball-crushage, but the guy LOVED the word and much was made of my usage (later I emailed him the URL for this blog, but I confess I took complete credit for it at the time). Friends, this blog can improve your career -- I'm living proof.

Suffused with manhoodedness,