Tuesday, March 15, 2005


noun. A condition characterized by witless, dim-bulb, dumbass, poo-poo-for-brains sort of behavior.

Related words: assholitude, ballitude, barfitude, bittersweetitude, boobitude, buttholitude, buttmunchitude, cluster-fuckitude, crapitude, creepitude, crotchitude, dorkitude, fuckheaditude, fucknutitude, funkitude, hornitude, hottitude, hunkitude, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-itude, jackassitude, loonitude, lunchitude, lustitude, miffitude, mindfuckitude, orgasmitude, out-of-touch-itude, over-the-top-itude, pornitude, princessitude, punkitude, quasi-buffitude, reekitude, schlongitude, schmuckitude, shititude, skankitude, slurpitude, slutitude, soulmate-itude, stankitude, stinkitude, suckitude, thongitude, twerpitude, wackassitude, wangitude, what-the-fuckitude, yutzitude.

Real citation: "Dave Stewart, Legal Eagle, "thought" the evidence had been presented. Ayup, and what other 'thoughts' have you had in the last week that weren't lies, hypocrisy, disingenuous dimwittitude or just plain trolls? "
(Dac, http://groups-beta.google.com/group/aus.sport.rugby-league/msg/1c7e8425db2761d8)

Made-up citation: "Sometimes when my own dimwittitude reaches a frightening Code Orange level, I have a cookie and feel my blood sugar and intellectual prowess rise together, like boners."

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