Monday, December 17, 2007


noun. A clusterbleep built for innocent little children and demented high school biology students.

Related terms: clusterboink, clusterbop, clustercoitus, clusterduck, clusterfiretruck, clusterfornicate, clusterfrack, clusterfreak, clusterfrell, clusterfrick, clusterfrig, clusterfug, clusterhump, clusterplook, clusterpork, clusterschmuck, clustersmurf.

Real citation: “Yep, I like Snell. I think he could be a bad ass like Pedro. As my dad says, I should let it go about Pedro, but there is still a hit out on Fred Claire and Delino DeShields over that clusterfrog. Yeah, let's trade Lowe. I don't trust a guy who can be distracted by shiny new dime. I am not saying Lowe is stupid, but if he wasn't a pitcher, I get the impression he would make one fine village idiot.)
(Nov. 10, 1007, the big blue wrecking crew,

Made-up citation: “My love life is a clusterfrog, and the frog’s dead, and his spleen has been extracted, and I fear I shall croak no more. And I think I’m on a menu.”

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