Sunday, December 23, 2007


adj. Butthole-y. Not to be confused with asshole-y. Feel free to confuse with bunghole-y.

Real citation: “But besides any of that, it wasn't even a good diss. Joel in particular is deserving of far greater teasing considering the havoc he wreaks on this city and its women and blind dogs after 17 drinks and a $120 bar tab. PM ME FOR THE DETAILZ AND YOU WILL THEN OWN HIS ASS ON THE WWW 4 LYF. And honestly, I don't think that Jose even has any buttholistic tendencies so you should just focus your extreme web anger on Joel for now ok????”
(Nov. 30, 2005,

Made-up citation: “Holistic medicine is a nontraditional needle in the back; buttholistic medicine is a trepan-tastic drill in the head.”

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