Thursday, December 06, 2007


adj. The opposite of blessedly-boobed. At least boobaphobes won't be traumatized by alarming deficits in the boobological region.

Real citation: “In a crowd of that many men, maybe one extremely foolish man out of 100 will hit on me. Here, I was completely invisible, which was a blast. When we got really jammed in, I almost felt bad for boobing on those mens. 'Sorry I am touching you with my dirty pillows!' I wanted to say. But they didn't care. Those leather daddies were too busy humiliating each other, drinking beer, and checking out the (non-beboobed) scenery.”
(Aug. 22, 2006, I, Asshole,

Made-up citation: "The Zen master said, 'Non-beboobed is no substitute for cat-bepooped.' I became enlightened and started herding cats."

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