Wednesday, December 12, 2007


noun. Mumbo-jumbo, gobbledy-gook, or other higgledy-piggledy-type gibble-gabble.

Real citation: "Sydney's all, why? Note-Taking Guy's all, we just need you to take some general physical tests -- MRI, lumbar puncture, CT scan, et cetera. You know, nothing too SERIOUS or anything. Vaughn turns to The Weasel: "What the hell is going on here?" Sydney's all, um, how about NO on those tests? Lindsay's all, Agent Bristow, we respectfully ask you to mumbledy-moomba. Sydney's all, BITE ME, BITCH. I've answered all your stupid fucking questions, but if you want to STICK NEEDLES IN ME, you're gonna have to tell me what in the HELL is going on here. Lindsay's all, that's top secret. Syd's all, top secret MY ASS. How's about I take your pale butt outside and do a little top-secret dance on your SKULL?"
(Erin, "The Prophesy," page 4,

Made-up citation: "After the yada yada and the mumbledy-moomba and the jibber-jabber were edited out, the Presidential debates were reduced to nothing but prepositions and some very nice hair."

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