Monday, December 10, 2007


noun. A sudden, moist development. Sources indicate someone took a peepee in the teepee.

Related term: insta-redemption.

Real citation: "Monday, November 6 3:28 p.m. A dashing gent clad in bandana and alcohol made a big splash on the sidewalk outside a Valley West restaurant – the type better confined to a restroom. His getaway strategy, based on milling around next to his acrid insta-pond of processed beverage, proved inadequate."
(Kevin L. Hoover, Nov. 6, 2006, The Arcata Eye,

Made-up citation: "My pooch was so excited to see me that he made an insta-pond of Biblical proportions in his friend's condo. Guess that's why Mom always said, 'Massive, uncontrollable urination is the sincerest form of flattery.'"

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