Sunday, December 30, 2007


noun. Not cool, dude.

Related term: mega-Fonzie.

Real citation: "The TSN Thumb and Runners: Santa must have left a steaming pile of reindeer poo in their stockings; because they've been out with a vengeance since Christmas. These Anti-Fonzies are truely worthless. Just a couple of anonymous Chachi's looking for a good time. Little cyber-vandals without a voice. Mental midgets marking the territories of others with their poodlescent behavior. Beware the big dogs little nippers. One day you're going to get caught."
(Jan. 4, 2007, "The Grim Blogger," The Sporting News,

Made-up citation: "The anti-Christ is superior to an anti-Fonzie in the areas of blood-soaked apocalyptic showdowns and grooming."

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