Thursday, July 26, 2007


present participle. Multidirectional activity utilizing a lower than recommended number of brain cells.

Real citation: “First, the main plot and the subplots fit together in spite of the initial straining to get them all rolling; sometimes, Hong Kong kung-fu is a main plot with the "comedic" elements shoehorned in, seemingly at random and fairly obviously to kill time between fight sets, but here, the slapsticky bits play into the plotting, and guns you see in the first-act farce pieces do go off in the third act. The very broad which-way-did-he-go-George-ing still isn't terribly funny, but it's at least functional.”
(Sars, June 6, 2007, Tomato Nation,

Made-up citation: "Grabassing, which-way-did-he-go-George-ing, and atomic-wedgifying are all discouraged in the operating room and adjoining areas."

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