Friday, July 06, 2007


adj. Possessing pleasingly similar parts that quiet the mind and soothe the savage ulcer.

Real citation: “Yes, that was something along the lines of what I was thinking, too. That the balcony is a physical symbol of Al's prominence in yet distance from the community of Deadwood. He finds it easier to participate in camp life from up there, observing the action and sometimes throwing down blessings. (Yet another parallel in this paralleloriffic show--Al accompanying his freeing of Trixie by goodnaturedly throwing something to/at her, contrasted w/Cy's throwing parcels at Joanie when she tried to leave.) Seth literally brings him down from the balcony in S2, and last night, hallelujah, he chose to jump off of it himself.”
(MizDarwin, “3-10: "A Constant Throb" 2006.08.13,” Aug. 14, 2006, Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: "Jesus turned water into wine. I have turned wine into puke--and other refreshing liquids. Could me and Jesus be any more paralleloriffic? It's freaky."

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