Tuesday, July 17, 2007


noun. Occupiers of a low rung of the corporate ladder, somewhere between Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs and lickspittle.

Real citation: “Per contractual agreement, you will be assigned your very own cadre of koala and monkey sub-henchmen, managing an array of sub-sub henchmen (which would most likely be comprised of an assortment of snakes, bat-men, and a monkfish). Or, if agreed upon as a substitute, you will be assigned a unit of special bioengineered, genetically enhanced koala-monkeys, designed to look like monkeys, but function as koalas.”
(Aug. 1, 2002, The Henchman Cooperative Project, http://www.universaloddities.com/archives/henchmen.shtml)

Made-up citation: "I give health insurance to all my employees, even the sub-sub-henchmen, fluffers, provosts, and goat-ball-lickers."

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