Tuesday, July 24, 2007


noun. Brilliance. Suaveness. Genius. And a pleasant dearth of all that is fucktardy.

Real citation: “My favorite candidate was Riordan, and he dropped out early to endorse and advise Arnie. Arnie has the correct platform: pro business, pro choice, not a gun freak. He has the right advisors, he has the charisma to hopefully intimidate the dastardly Assembly into un-fucktarditude. Ideologically he is exactly what I want, and what a lot of other people wanted, and that mix was not offered by anyone else.”
(Oct. 8, 2003, http://www.tribalwar.com/forums/archive/t-245432-p-4.html)

Made-up citation: "Voters want a President with gravitas, vision, unfucktarditude, and testicles the size of manatees, according to polls."

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Garvulous Q. Slumpuddle said...

You may have to dig back a little further for the first known use of this term in the political arena, as I believe it was Lincoln -- while preparing for his first debate with Stephen "I'm Not Frederick, Dammit!" Douglas in 1858 -- that looked over the rims of his reading glasses while scribbling notes on the back of an envelope and said, "This little man Douglas, he's not at all lacking in unfucktarditude."

Of course Lincoln went on to firmly trounce the diminutive Douglas, who -- at just 3'5" tall -- easily fit in Lincoln's pocket. After the election of 1860, Lincoln furthered the democrat's humiliation when the strapping Log Cabinite famously used Douglas as the official White House Paperweight.