Sunday, July 29, 2007


noun. Idiots--or breasts--who don't mind getting their nipples dirty.

Real citation: “Okay, ignoring the obvious fact that Pyun made this... 'film'... out of the scum that stuck to his shoes after walking through the cutting rooms of 3 or 4 other really crappy movies - all involving... cityscapes and leather, I'd guess... Where was I... Oh yeah. And leaving aside the question of whether any of these actors has every really been good (I love them all, you understand, but I also 'like' Starbucks coffee when Kona isn't available - ie all the time except payday)... Um, I feel that what sums this hunk of celery up is that the bad guys 'hide' a huge bomb on the roof of the San Francisco city hall, and then have a bunch of henchboobs 'guard' it so's Hopper and Pressly can get out of range.”
(Dec. 28, 2005,

Made-up citation: "We have contingency plans for countering the enemy's car bombs, disinformation campaigns, underwater pigmen, and double agents, but we have no answer--thus far--for their henchboobs."

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