Friday, July 13, 2007

pre-emptive porking

noun. First-date fornication-fest.

Real citation: “A few weeks back (June 13, to be exact), I mentioned in passing that after extensive fieldwork on the topic, I'd come to the conclusion that sleeping with a guy on the first date might not be the best course of action if you wanna turn him into your boyfriend. This conclusion was not drawn out of any moral dilemma I have with pre-emptive porking; it's just that it's been my experience (as well as that of many of my pals) that getting down to business immediately often translates into a one-night stand.”
(Judy McGuire, July 4, 2007, Seattle Weekly,

Made-up citation: "In the coming weeks, my campaign will address the issues that America cares about: compassionate conservatism, elementary education, Mideast mayhem, pre-emptive porking, and wet willies."

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