Sunday, July 22, 2007


noun. An item in the Dark Avenger's "special" utility belt.

Real citation: “Stayed in bed all day with a bottle of gut-rot, and passed out around tea-time, waking only to puke all over the covers, and strangely, Alfred, who claims he was changing me into fresh Batpyjamas. I wonder about him half the time. He seems to spend more time in the bat suit than I do these days, and I'm not exactly enamoured with the Batbuttplug he's had fitted to the utility belt.”
(June 17, 2004, Anyone got a carrot?,

Made-up citation: "Choosing between the Superbuttplug, the Batbuttplug, and Green Lantern's ring was a nightly dilemma for Aquaman, protector of the seas."

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