Wednesday, November 12, 2008


adj. More support and/or flattery would be illegal.

Real citation: "Having suffered from the age of 13 with what others call being well endowed, i don't agree, i've tried a number of things and yet am never shocked when i run past a window and see them flopping away. Unfortunatly my finances are somewhat lacking, so the possibility of purchasing a $40 ultra-mega-lift-no-bounce wonder bra just isnt a possibility. At current I'm using the 2-bra method. I'll wear a sports bra and then a sports bra tank-top over it. This works ok. Sometimes it feels a little tight around the elastic band but it's still more comfortable than having the ladies flying all outa control. I was wondering though and maybe someone can answer this, if there has been no real significant change in the technology of sports bras in the past few years, why then do most of them cost more than my favorite pair of jeans?
(May 15, 2008, Runner's World,

Made-up citation: "Now that the miracle bra has trumped the wonderbra--even in the crucial ultra-mega-lift-no-bounce department--bra mavens wonder what's coming down the underwire next. Insiders in the bra industry have confirmed that the chocolate-cake bra, the multiple-orgasms bra, and the choir-of-heavenly-angels bra are all in development and should be reshaping local breasts by spring."

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