Sunday, November 09, 2008


noun. The kind of romance that can only happen in close proximity to a toilet--the mile high club's equivalent of a candlelit dinner.

Real citation: "If lav-love is not your idea of a good time but you're still intent on becoming a mile-higher, there's always Mile High Atlanta, a charter-plane company that takes couples on sex flights. For $379, you can hire a tiny Piper propeller plane outfitted with a mattress, a bottle of champagne and an extremely discreet pilot. The ride lasts an hour and, not that you'll notice, flies you over the gloriously rural west Georgia countryside."
(Judy McGuire, Oct. 21, 2008, Time,,31542,1849175,00.html)

Made-up citation: "I've lived 36 years without sampling the fruits of airplane lav-love, and I hope I can say the same 36 years from now. I don't even enjoy going to the bathroom in those bathrooms, so why would I want to get all Barry White in there?"

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