Sunday, November 09, 2008


noun. The love child of a dunderhead and a doofus.

Real citation: "Anything that hits it is already a home run. It's not at field level dunderdoof."
(March 27, 2008, SFGate,

Made-up citation: "I write all my songs with the growing dunderdoof demographic in mind. How do you think I attract so many comely dunderdoofettes on tour?"


Laura Payne said...

It must be a portmanteau love child.

I love your blog because I love words and you do seem to fing great ones.

Please check out my posts about portmanteau words.

Laura Payne said...

Did I hit publish comment without proofreading the comment I wrote? I must have. I am so embarrassed. I hope other readers don't "fing" my error.

Mark Peters said...

Don't worry about it. We've all finged a few goofs from time to time... I can delete all these messages if you like.

In any case, thanks for the nice words! Maybe you could send your email in another post, which I definitely won't publish. I'd like to hear more about what you study/write.