Tuesday, November 11, 2008


noun. How do they make the tiny sticks? And the nano-hustlers? At least I know why the leprechauns in my bathtub are so noisy at night...

Related terms: nano-eternity.

Real citation: "The steep repulsive van der Waals interaction potential among the constituents, I–Kr and Kr–Kr, makes this system a 3-dimensional nano-billiards, in which scattering is well described by hard-sphere collisions."
(Matias Bargheer, Markus Guhr, and Nikolaus Schwentner, Oct. 8, 2003, http://www.udkm.physik.uni-potsdam.de/paper/collisionstransfercoherence.pdf)

Made-up citation: "Forget nano-billiards. I recently realized I suck at billiards-billiards. This bothers me. I don't mind being a horrible human being who probably deserves to be dropped from a great height, but I can't take being a crappy pool player. I'm off to the bar to practice..."

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