Monday, November 03, 2008


noun. Every great fembot was once an innocent little toaster oven who needed nurturing and mentoring. Won't you nurture a toaster oven today?

Real citation: "Also, I think that the media honeymoon for Palin is over now. Her interview with Charlie Gibson has revealed her pretty much for what she is: a McCain fembot in training. All her answers seemed to come right off the index card, and even then, she wasn't well prepared enough to avoid looking uninformed and generally green."
(Sept. 12, 2008, Silliman's Blog,

Made-up citation: "I resent your calling my daughter Samantha a fembot-in-training. In fact, she is a full-fledged, 24-carat, major-league, deep-dish, weapons-grade turbo-fembot approved by 5 out of 6 professors of fembotics."

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Unknown said...

Hello Wordsmith: you are fascinated by the link between language and television. I am DJ Choppercat aka tikitoons and Wesley M. from San Francisco. As a DJ am fascinated with the relationship of musical themes and beats.

So two years ago when I first started to save mp3 library on my computer, as a former resident DJ, I used TPlayer 2 - Channel mixer to combine several tracks.

This resulted in my BIONIC Zeppelin anthem ftr. Jerry Fielding's emmy award soundtrack from THE BIONIC WOMAN and mixed with Paul Oakenfold's Led Zeppelin mix of 'Baby, I'm Gonnna Leave You'. My DJ mentor called this a stroke of genius.

Using, the short with borrowed footage from, made the Flektor Direktor's Company blog in Aug 2007.

Here is the link and enjoy the movie..beware of Fembots.