Thursday, November 13, 2008


adj. I am incredulous at the bigness of the something-ness.

Real citation: "So we were all playing in the snow after our blue man encounter, and we kept knocking each other over and doing giant pile on people activities, and my friend Kim and I decided that we wanted to run and leap onto our new school statue of Pierre Marquette, who happens to look incredibly similiar to Captain Morgan (the alcohol drink incase no one got that). So we get a running start and I leap onto him but his hand is stretched out a bit and his HUGE fingers dug into the soft part of my leg between my knee cap and my leg and it HURT! Now I have a bruise on my leg from Captain Morgan's incredu-normous (hahah remember that rach and ktp?) fingers. It was a good fun night I must say. However we are all ten times sicker lol."
(Dec. 12, 2004, Livejournal,

Made-up citation: "I once had incredu-normous hair... Now I am tastefully shorn. I wish I could say I was tastefully seductive, but then I'd probably be a perfume or nethergarment, which would be awkward."

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