Saturday, November 29, 2008


noun. People go crazy for 'em. Even so, they are not part of a healthy breakfast or catastrophe.

Real citation: "What happened the day after both candidates expressed their views? Infotainment hacks came to the consensus that Sen. Obama’s inexperience was showing while Sen. Clinton demonstrated the kind of superior judgment she gets from . . . from . . . well, from sleeping with a working President, I suppose. Yet that is a bizarro version of what actually happened. Sen. Clinton, apparently fearful of being branded as unwise by the same media airheads legitimizing this President’s nuclear 'bunker buster' initiative, decided that she too had to be cuckoo for nuke-o-puffs."
(Oct. 1, 2007, What You Should Think,

Made-up citation: "The true story of the real Count Chocula is a sad one that's been whitewashed by history. He was struck down before his time by a tragic bowl of nuke-o-puffs. That's not the worst part: the whereabouts of Cap'n Crunch were never determined."

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