Monday, November 24, 2008


noun. The one thing, deep down, that separates slimeballs from sleazeballs, screwballs, dirtballs, and basketballs.

Real citation: "Jean Chretien, finally, had a ... no, on the other hand, he seems not to have had any vision at all. What he did have, however, was the common touch. He may have been a thug, a weasel, and a slimeball, but he could connect with Canadians and make them believe that thuggery, weaselhood, and slimeballitude were reasonable traits that, you know, a reasonable person would have. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the politician's art."
(Nov. 14, 2005, The Amazing Wonderdog,

Made citation: "The average American President has had a slimeballitude quotient of 263.5, yet Barack Obama only scored 17.9, according to political scientists in my mind."

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