Tuesday, November 18, 2008


noun. One of the pungent perils of parenthood.

Real citation: "We had our first diaper-tastrophe last night. Lately Sophie has been tugging on the tabs of her diaper, pulling one side off. Generally, I keep her in clothes with waistbands so she can't get to them. It has been getting cooler at night, though, so I put her in a footed sleeper, with no waistband, last night. She awoke at her usual time this morning (about 6:15, yuck) and I left her in there for a few minutes, just in case she felt like going back to sleep. When I finally went in to pick her up, she was soaking wet. From head to foot. In truth, it could have been MUCH worse, but I felt pretty crappy (see, I wasn't going to mention poop but somehow I couldn't resist) for leaving her to sit in her cold, wet outfit for 15 minutes. Lesson learned."
(Sept. 23, 2008, The Land of Bean, http://landofbean.blogspot.com/2008/09/random-tuesday.html)

Made-up citation: "With the Nappy Whisperer's 20-volume DVD series, parents can overcome any diaper-tastrophe--even a code-orange, 24-carat, weapons-grade poopooapalooza."

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