Wednesday, April 09, 2008


noun. A tiny, mini, teacup foozamabob.

Related terms: nano-bionic-whateverization, nano-cylo-std, nano-destructo-mat, nano-douche-bot, nanopoop, nanoschlong, nanosomethingorother, nano-souled, nanotesticles, nano-wand of love.

Real citation: “Any real-world nanomajig will require the harmonious integration of many kinds of parts—sensors, electronics, readouts, control units, and mechanical pieces—and learning how to assemble all this stuff will be not unlike building a Model T from scratch.”

Made-up citation: “Jennifer, you should know something. As we sip our white chocolate mochas, nanomajigs are in my brain. All at once, they came. Even now, they’re stepping on things and smoking. I think they’ve founded a field hockey team.”

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