Monday, April 07, 2008


noun. A mammal far less frightening than the chimphuahua.

Related terms: poodlehuahua, rathuahua, wienerhuahua.

Real citation: “Other Beagle Mix varieties: Like purebred Beagles, other Beagle mix varieties are also known for being friendly towards people, children and other animals. Beagle mixes, like the ones crossed with dachshund, poodle, Chihuahua or boxer inherit all of the good traits of the purebreds without retaining the genetic health issues. But more than that, a Pit Beagle or a Beaglehuahua is quite an uncommon creature and can add that extra glamour in one’s pet-keeping habits.”

Made-up citation: "If Snoopy had been a beaglehuahua, the marketing possibilities with Taco Bell would have been breathtaking."

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