Monday, April 07, 2008


noun. A Beatles-shattering event, unequaled in horror.

Real citation: “9:20 p.m.: When the recognized elements of music—beats, a bassline—finally start, the crowd cheers… until Ono starts, um, singing. Her grunts and screams sound simian, and the crowd's mass exodus begins. 'We can say we've seen her,' says one couple on the way to the exit. Another person standing nearby is more blunt: 'You've gotta be fucking kidding me.' Elsewhere: 'Homewrecker!' and 'Shut up and ROCK!' After the first song, Ono performs what appears to be a mini-play, voicing the parts of a couple of characters. It is, like the rest of her set, excruciating. As our packed bus heads up Ashland, we can only pray for those left behind. The only question is whether to call this event the Yokocaust or the Onopocalypse.”
(Scott Gordon, Josh Modell, Sean O’Neal, Kyle Ryan, July 18, 2007, The Onion AV Club,

Made-up citation: "In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the horrific end of the world, when the gods will die, the earth will burn, and the very fabric of the universe will be smoked like a cheap cigar. Ragnarok is less feared than a sudden Yokocaust."

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