Tuesday, April 22, 2008


noun. A genetic misfit who drinks from the sweet elixir of fame. Let's just hope they don't get any DNA on the glass.

Related terms: celebubot, celebubrat, celebucaust, celebu-chef, celebudrunk, celebudude, celebu-ex-con, celebufreak, celebu-gasmic, celebu-idiot, celebu-mediawhore, celebupod, celebu-rexic, celebuspawn, celebu-shambles, celebutard, celebutart, celebutot, celebuturd, celebutwin, celebuvomit, celebuwhatever, celebu-wraith, golden celebutwit triumverate.

Real citation: “It went a bit downhill for me when Siobhan left (just like Bananarama, innit) and they drafted in human piece of airbrush art Heidi (who looks eerily like a photofit combining both Victoria and David Beckham into one Stepford celebu-mutant).”
(Jan. 26, 2008, throughsilver in blog, http://www.throughsilver.eu/2008/01/morleymorleymorleymorley.html)

Made-up citation: "When hunting celebu-mutants, don't skimp on the celebu-napalm."

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