Thursday, April 24, 2008

Australian schnauzer-doodle-whatever-poo

noun. The trendy-yet-vague dog breed that sets a new standard for creativity in breeding and surplus of syllables.

Real citation: “Then again, without unusual pressures in the gene pool, labs wouldn't be labs. All dogs would be Australian schnauzer-doodle-whatever-poos. (And I'm sure the Australian schnauzer-doodle-whatever-poo is a fine dog in its own right--please don't anyone take offense!)”
(Nov. 5, 2006,

Made-up citation: “My dad bought me an Australian schnauzer-doodle-whatever-poo, but I wanted a chimphuahua. Guess I’ll have to breed my own dino-nano-doodle-poo, and together we will be avenged.”

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