Wednesday, April 02, 2008

menstool cycle

noun. The rare phenomenon, seldom hinted at in the medical literature, in which men get their shit together.

Real citation: "Q: Some of my guy friends and I have noticed that when we go on road trips or just general vacations where we spend a lot of time together, we all get on the same pooping 'cycle.' After a few days together, we always end up having to poop at the same time -- sort of the male equivalent of women and the menstrual cycle. Our question: Is there a name for this phenomenon?-- Jakob, San Francisco
SG: The menstool cycle?"
(Bill Simmons, April 1, 2008, "Time for another Boston breakdown," ESPN Page 2,

Made-up citation: "Hey fellas! What do you say we go shopping for Flashback Butt Lifting Technology Boxers? Then we'll get on the same menstool cycle. Then we can get manograms and manzilians and manties. Why are you running away? Prosty the Spokesgland won't be happy!"

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