Monday, April 21, 2008


noun. A quality found in two types: 1) Females. 2) Males who do not resemble their own genitalia.

Real citation: “Perhaps whether or not to give this person membership could then be put to a vote of a random selection of members who've been around for a month or more so it's not the same people choosing every time. True, someone could just feign insightfulness and non-prick-like-ness for those couple of paragraphs, but it'd be a bother, and I think people would start to recognize the writing of the previously booted enough that they'd not invite them back.”
(March 14, 2002, Barbelith Underground,

Made-up citation: “If your must-haves for men have been reduced to non-prick-like-ness and full bowel control, you might be setting the bar a little low.”

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