Thursday, October 11, 2007


noun. A underling, assistant, or minion who is loathsome and scummy--like fried toe cheese.

Related terms: henchboobs, henchchicken, henchdoofus, henchdork, henchgoon, henchho, henchmoron, henchnoncorporeal being.

Real citation: “Neither Kerry nor his henchscum has been asked or bothered to answer any questions like this; why should they start now. This is the kind of story that if McAuliffe says anything, it will be to brag that he was right about last minute efforts by the Republican to sink Kerry, that this was a perfect example of that desperation and, therefore, didn't deserve a response. The old timey, non-cable media will all nod and move on.”
(Oct. 25, 2004, Free Republic,

Made-up citation: "Come hither, henchscum! Fetch me a virgin and an egg roll--and don't skimp on the duck sauce."

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