Wednesday, October 24, 2007

metric dumpload

noun. Dude, that is a LOT. 90 billion Courics!

Related terms: metric buttload, metric assload, metric arseload, metric heinie-load, metric bootyload, metric poop-load, metric poo-load, metric shitload, metric crapload, metric crudload, metric turdload, metric fuckload, metric boatload, metric truckload, metric smurfload, metric dickload, metric cockload, metric pantload, metric pantsload, metric jesus-load, metric monkeyload.

Real citation: “Get your metric dumpload of fabulousness here!”
(SortaSavageLike, June 23, 2006, The Ledge,

Made-up citation: "Words that should scare you: a metric dumpload of love."

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