Wednesday, October 24, 2007


adj. Having an indeterminate amount of manhood, or a questionable relationship to manhood, or a total lack of manhood.

Real citation: “But we DID have the ultimate holyday, FATHER'S DAY!!! Okay, to be honest it also was something religious based but everybody called it father's day because all fathers did something proletarian, stupid and manhoodish on this day, read: Get drunk, move to the bowling center using a small hand-held wagon full of booze and beer, go bowling, get the cart again and move to the next place where you can get even more drunk, etc. ... and all of that without any women EXCEPT for those that are going to get physical with you this day ... of course every person with balls participated, not just the real fathers!”
(Jan. 16, 2006, Your house my house,

Made-up citation: "My innards froth with testosterone. I belch machismo for breakfast. Don't make me perform a manhoodish display that would only disgrace our families."

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