Monday, October 22, 2007


adj. Do I seem like a bigger blogger and a larger lexicographer and a meatier man if I admit I don't know what in the name of Jesus this word is talking about? Does it just mean "yummy"?

Related terms: breakiest-outiest, chill-outiest, cop-outiest, down-and-outiest, far-outiest, freak-outiest, freaking-outiest, hangy-outiest, knock-outiest, making-outiest, old-lady-kicking-outiest, self-outiest, selling-outiest, sellingest-outiest, shout-outiest, sticky-outiest, way-outiest, worn-outiest.

Real citation: “Yes, single estate. The absence of the multiplicity of estates was as mouthwatering as the colonial occupation of India. Maybe even more so. Sao Tomé, yo, you make a mean chocolate, my native people friends. Thanks for keeping it a single estate and thanks for keeping it real all these years. Your mousse is the lightest, the fluffiest, the dreamiest, the cloudspuniest, the whiffle-fluffer-blissed-outiest. The extent to which Africa knows chocolate blows this reviewer's mind.”
(Meridith Rohana, June 3, 2006,

Made-up citation: "I snuck a look at my doctor's chart. It read: avocado... whiffle-fluffer-blissed-outiest... insurgency... scrapbook... mollusk. Should I worry?"

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